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welcome to speaking and listening page.
Nihao, speaking, listening ,reading comprehension and writing are the key fours areas parts in language learning. On this page, we focus on speaking and learning. please practise while you visit this page.
jia you

Happy Birthday to You-zhu ni sheng ri kuailai

Untitled from tianlaoshi on Vimeo.

Counting 1-10 一到十数字歌


da dianhua

幸福拍手歌-if you are happy clap you hands


对不起,我的中文不好 dui bu qi wo de zhongwen bu hao

days and months

10 thoughts on “Speaking/Listening

  1. Tian Iaoshi, you would be proud of me. I have been practising counting to ten, and singing happy birthday in Chinese. My husband even joined in. We like the counting song very much. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  2. Hello Mrs Tian,

    Great Blog page, lots of great learning is happening in your class! I love your Numbers Rap clip – it’s very catchy.

    Mr. C

  3. Hi miss tian I like all the things on your blog so much and i like the numbers up to ten From Bianca.G

  4. hi mrrs tian i now that your probably wondering why i wasn’t at school on monday il tell why because i was sick with a cold LEILAB

  5. Hi Mrs Tian,
    I think it’s really good that you have all these videos to show people that go on your blog, and that you have some games. That you all so have the story about the caterpillar. so i think your blog is really good

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