Film making

Congratuations to Year 4 stuents who have made two films. Here are their films entered the Student film competition 2012. A big thanks to Mrs Ryan. Thank you for your support and help to make these films.

Save the lamp
How do you think about this advertisement ? Why?

The music makes difference

Brainstorm all the words you know to describe the mood. how do you feel about the latest three Olympic Game Ceremonies?
2000 Sydney
2004 Athens
2008 Beijing

This film was made for the Nokia Shorts 2011 competition. It tells the story of a boy who meets and befriends a large cardboard box, and was shot on a Nokia N8.


7 thoughts on “Film making

  1. We thought that the message of the Ikea commercial was a bit hard to understand. We believed that the 5 music scenes were cool and you could feel the different emotions and tensions from the scenes.
    By Nick,Daniel, Tyson and Mireille

  2. We first watched the ikea, save the lamp! It was good use of camera angles, but we did not quite understand the message, but Brydie and Monisha felt the emotions in the room!
    Secondly, we watched the different music video, the different music changed the emotions of the audience, but Brydie and Monisha fell into tears! It was easy to understand the message, to STOP LOOK and LISTEN before crossing driveways or road. Monisha was very proud of her car starring in the film (Long story, jokes!)

    Thirdly, we watched the Adventures of the Cardboard box. It was a very good movie considering it was filmed with a Nokia phone. All of us felt the emotions in the room!

  3. I think the box felt happy because it had lots of fun and adventures the boy felt very sad at the end when the box was gone and they both felt very happy when they were doing all the activites.

  4. I did not know how much of a difference music makes.
    I felt the most relavent song was the first song.

    Brodie 🙂

  5. The same scene played 5 times with different music, the first one made me feel happy and joyful, the others 2 were a bit action packed and suspensful, and the last one made me feel like I was in egupt

  6. Hi Mrs Tian
    I loved watching the videos I could watch them hundreds of time
    and we are so lucky that we got in to the compatition and it is all thanks to you.

  7. ha, how cute! so many creative ways you could play with a cardboard box! To bad the cardboard box died. I found that part funny for some strange reason. : )

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